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Bill’s Platform



  • Bill is 100% pro-life and has voted for every pro-life piece of legislation since being elected State Representative. This includes voting for the Heartbeat Bill three times, even to override Governor Kasich’s veto of the legislation in 2018.

2nd Amendment

  • Bill stands with gun owners and gun rights advocates in his support of the 2nd Amendment. He has supported every pro-gun bill that has come up for a vote in the Ohio House of Representatives. He has no problem standing up to those who would restrict our right to bear arms, even those in his own party.
  • Sen. Reineke opposes Red flag legislation that limits Ohioans' Second Amendment rights.

Jobs & the Economy

  • Bill Reineke is a leader in the Statehouse on issues dealing with job creation and economic growth. Bill has firsthand knowledge of how to create good-paying jobs as the owner of a business that employs 450 people in Northwest Ohio.
  • Bill has put a laser focus on workforce and economic development as a legislator. He understands the need to find our children’s “purpose” and gear them towards careers where they can earn a good living. Further, Bill is a proponent of stackable certificates, where people can become accredited to work in a field, while building towards a more advanced and better-paying job with much less cost.

Size of Government

  • Bill is a small government conservative who has advocated and voted for spending cuts at the state level.
  • Bill has supported tax cuts across the board as a state representative. He advocates for a further reduction and eventual elimination of the state income tax.
  • Bill has worked to keep Ohio’s budget balanced as a former member of the House Finance committee. Further, he supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Federal Constitution.

Keeping our Communities Safe

  • Bill supports those who risk their lives to keep our communities safe, such as police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, among others.
  • Bill has voted to increase prison terms for violent criminals and drug dealers. And he has voted to provide millions of dollars of support to communities helping those who are addicted to drugs and opiates.

Energy Independence:

  • Bill is for an all-of-the-above approach to energy to ensure that Ohio is an energy producer. Bill supports an even playing field for all forms of energy to ensure fair competition and a diverse energy portfolio.
  • Bill opposes subsidies for wind energy and has serious concerns with the impact of wind farms on the property rights of people across rural Ohio. Because of this, Bill has been the leading proponent for legislation allowing local referendums on wind projects. In addition, he understands that commercial wind projects can produce good results for local communities.


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